MAC Must Haves

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 MAC cosmetics are well known as "top of the line" in the cosmetic industry.  Walking into the MAC store can be a little overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for, and without the Pro card your bill can add up fast!  So I want to go over a few of my MUST HAVES from MAC to help you start your MAC collection:)


Kohl Power Eye Pencils- come in 10 different shades, ( Smolder is my favorite). It is a soft stick pencil. I use this liner when I want a messy or smokey look, it's very easy to smudge. You usually have a minute to play with it before it sets.  

Fluid Line - This is a gel liner, that is applied with a brush. I LOVE my Blacktrack (a very bold black)   and Dipdown (a soft light brown). The fluid line is water proof, so it's great for the upper and lower waterline. The only issue I have found with this line is that it starts to harden and get flakey over a long time (a year or so) so I would only get you're basic colors if you don't go crazy with your eyes very often. Other than that this liner is awesome and will last ALL day and comes in UHHH-MAZING colors. 

Shadow/ Primer:
Powder Shadow                        Pigment                                  Paint Pot

Eye Shadow-  I love  Arena, TaupeRice Paper, and Wedge, for day to day looks. Electric Eel, Cranberry, and Chrome Yellow are my favorites when doing something fun and are more bold.  

Pigment-    Can't say how much I love MAC's pigment. Its a loose powder shadow; the colors are very bright and bold if you wet your brush prior, and softer if applied dry. I love Melon and Naked Dark, on blue eyes, and Copper and Antique Green on brown. 

Paint Pots-  Cream Shadow used to prime the lid. You can't go wrong with  Bare Study, Soft Ochre, and Painterly (all neutrals),  colored paints pots are great when getting into more specific looks. 

Warm and Cozy Collection
Sticks- You really just have to try out lipsticks on your own, it's all about personal preference, but I LOVE this collection above! For every day looks I really love neutrals and soft pinks. My favorites are Myth and Creme D' Nude.

Hope this helped out a little, once you get familiar with MAC products you will fall in love. 


It's A Miracle

Friday, July 26, 2013

           For all of my fellow hairdressers (and anyone who stains their clothes-aka.everyone-) I feel the responsibility to share this God sent bar of soap with you. My hat goes off to whoever invented this because it REALLY DOES remove stains, even color!  All you do is rub the stain with the wet bar of soap, let it sit for a few minutes and then wash it normally. It really is a miracle. Who ever thought you could be in love with a bar of soap?  Well I am. 

I assume you can find it at any grocery store by the laundry soap, but I found mine at WinCo!

I Love Love

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wedding Day Primping
                  There is nothing better than being around someone that is having the best day of their lives. I was lucky to be able to do the hair and makeup of Carleigh Moody this morning. She married a close family friend of mine today in the Salt Lake Temple. She looked gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the pictures when they come in. I’ll post more soon but in the meantime here are just a few pics I managed to snag on my phone. 

Tutorial of this style coming soon.
Loved the elegant single tier veil

       The perfect start to a fairytale.

Big Sur Wedding

Friday, July 5, 2013

                 Pictures have finally come in from my sisters wedding and I have to share!  One of the most picturesque places I have ever been to.  There's a reason Big Sur is considered the "Greatest Meeting of Land and Sea".  The drive was mesmerizing. Good thing I wasn’t behind the wheel or it would have been bad news.  While driving down the 30 mile stretch of the PCH in Big Sur you have the the majestic Santa Lucia Mountains on one side of you and the rocky pacific coastline on the other, greeted with the bluest waters of the Pacific Ocean. Absolutely, breathtaking.  The vegetation was to die for; flowers and succulents the size of basketballs, and red wood and oak trees towering higher than can be seen.

Since I’m not a fantastic writer I believe pictures can say it much better than I can,
So here’s a little peek! 

Best way to start out the day, making the bride (my lovely sister) feel beautiful. 

"Summer time and the livin is easy"

Thursday, June 27, 2013

           It is said right by Sublime.. Summer livin is the best! Going to the beach. Going to the pool. Letting your hair air dry without it turning into popsicles the second you walk outside (for those of us in Utah). Life is easy during summer. This low maintenance season is the perfect time to give your hair a break and help it grow. Unfortunately things like chlorine, and bleach (for those of us who went lighter this summer) can do some damage .  Products can be your best friend this season. Leave in conditioner and oils are what you should turn to.

Restore the balance. Your hair is stripped of the proteins and vitamins it needs being frequently exposed to chlorine, sun, bleach, and sulfates in shampoo (if hair is washed too much). Morocccan oil  does not just coat your hair but works from the inside of the hair out. You see results after first time use, but if used regularly it actually strengthens brittle hair, and promotes healing to the hair.

The world miracle on the front is not false advertising. It's a 10 is probably the best leave-in conditioner I have EVER used! This never leaves my pool bag all summer. It makes brushing out wet hair a breeze... No more ripping, breaking, and pulling on your poor pool tangled hair. Also works great just out of the shower. 
This product is a MUST for summer.



           Sometimes I question if its right to really love your work as much as I do. I had a great time working on set for the new commercial Addo Recovery is launching. I was able to work with some amazing people and learned so much from the those involved. The testimonials given by these remarkable women were extremely powerful, in a world where so many struggles and hardships are faced, they have been able to still see the light. I feel so blessed to have been able to work with them on set and be touched by the optimism and persevering attitudes encompassed  by these incredible people. 

Here are just a few shots taken from my phone (don't judge the quality)
 more will come soon when prints come out!

 David Nibley

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